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MBM Shows Success Tips

Posted on 1/17/2014 by MBM Shows in Tips

1. Clearly Define Your Goals - Know what you want to achieve when you participate in a trade Show. Set specific goals. For example is it specific leads or direct Show sales that you are after. Build your presence around your overall strategy. One participant turned into a client can cover the cost of your investment in the Show.

  1. Leads - Too often I see people focused only on volume. They measure their success by the number of ballots they have in their box but they miss the opportunity to qualify the leads at the Show. Standing and randomly handing out pamphlets will not get you the result you want which is return on your investment and, of course, increased revenue. Qualify and screen and your leads. A good sales person can qualify a lead very quickly and the time is well spent. Try not to collect more names than the sales force to chase. A big box of participants is just the beginning. Studies have shown that 70% of trade Show leads do not receive proper follow up. Follow up, Follow up!

  2. Incentives - One thing to avoid is indiscriminate traffic building gimmicks. The excess volume will cut into the time you need to qualify your prospects. Your success is not defined by a huge box of leads but by an increase in specific sales prospects. Incentives such as pens must be designed to increase your profile and qualified prospects. Giveaways should be used as a reward or thank you for participants who are qualified prospects. Be creative in the way that you entice people to your booth. Sometimes an activity will attract them and keep them longer than simply grabbing a free item.

  3. Booth Presence - One thing I have noticed over and over is that those exhibitors who put the most time and effort into their booth and booth presence get the best results. Those who visit the space in advance of the Show and plan the use of space. Take the time to create effective signage and design the space to encourage exhibitors to slow down and connect with the staff. Do not eat at your booth. Water is critical to keep you hydrated but keep the water bottle out of sight. Garbage in a booth is a turn off to exhibitor traffic. Keep your booth clean and tidy at all times. Consider elements such as lighting. Sometimes just adding a lamp or light fixture to your booth can be an attraction. Flooring too - like carpet can encourage more traffic in your booth.

  4. Don’t sit! - The toughest thing about trade Show promotion is that it can be truly exhausting. It is a condensed marketing strategy and it requires significant effort. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you bring breath mints (but not chewing gum). I have seen exhibitors set up their booth and then sit in the corner on their cell phone all weekend. Just being present is not enough. To get maximum results you must be present, smile until it hurts and give it all you have.

  5. Put your best staff in the booth - Renting a booth and putting your products in it will not guarantee you the success you want. You need the right people. A nice touch is to have your booth staff wear a shirt with your logo on it in your company colours perhaps. Train and Incent your staff in some way for their active participation in your success. Encourage them to smile and have a welcoming attitude.

  6. The Bigger the Better - One way to set your presence apart from others is by the size of your booth. Rent two booths for a bigger impact. Bigger is better in the trade Show game.

  7. Pre-promotion - A fax or print campaign, mailers, invitations, POP cards, posters, telemarketing campaigns all will encourage your exhibitors to visit your booth .

  8. Deliver a Seminar - As trade Show organizers we are always looking for ways to improve our shows. Often exhibitors can offer a seminar that will benefit participants and give them great exposure.

  9. It Works if you Work It - As long as a trade Show delivers you the prospects the rest is up to you! Plan it - give it all you have an capitalize on each prospect for maximum results.

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