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Trade Show Tips for Engaging Potential Customers

Posted on 1/17/2014 by MBM Shows in Tips

Have you ever heard a colleague say they didn’t get any response from attending a trade show? No sales, no leads, nothing! Have you ever attended a trade show and saw someone in an exhibitor booth sitting in a chair in the back corner making little or no eye contact? Or worse, passed a booth with nobody in it?

Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your trade show business. New exhibitors often focus on the flashy displays that attract crowds. It may draw visitors to their booth, but it is what you do to engage potential customers once they are there that counts.

Getting people excited about your product or services will lengthen the amount of time they spend with you, resulting in a more positive show experience.

Start with the show itself: A good trade show will make sure the event is well advertised. Whether it be print, radio, internet or all three; the more advertising they do, the better the attendance will be, and the more likely you are to have activity at your booth.

Below find ten top tips for a better show experience: 

  1. Neatness and visibility: Make the most of your exhibitor space by hanging large signs or posters along the back wall, clearly outlining your company brand or product/service. Keep the table area neat. Customers will walk away from a messy booth.
  2. Attract a crowd: Use contests, computer quizzes, demos and samples to spike curiosity and draw people in.
  3. Giveaways/promotional items: Everyone likes to get something for free. Make sure to have items that people can take away and use (with your business name emblazoned on them) Put these items in such a place that people have to walk into your booth space or pass you to reach them.
  4. Prizes/contests: offering a prize will allow you to collect important data for future leads by having people fill in ballots. Make sure to let the trade show organizers know you are having a giveaway. There may be opportunities for extra advertising.
  5. Keep it easy: have information clearly visible on pricing, orders, shipments etc. so that if you are tied up with a customer, others can take down the information to call you on later.
  6. Brochures/promotional material: Have lots of brochures/pamphlets & business cards ready to hand out. Often people will wait until they get home to sift through the pile of cards etc. and then contact the business at that point or soon after.
  7. Come prepared to do business: Have lots of pens, contracts, credit card and or debit machine available to conduct sales on the spot.
  8. Have someone at your booth at all times: It will be just when you walk away from your exhibit, that someone will come up to your booth with the intent to buy, only to find nobody there. This could make or break a sale for your business. Can’t stay the whole day? Consider shifts.
  9. Engage with customers: Have we mentioned this already? Be ready to greet customers as they walk up, shake hands or be ready to hand out brochures or samples. Take the time to answer questions, start a conversation.
  10. Smile and have fun. If you look friendly, people will not be afraid to approach your exhibit. Have some fun, be gregarious, and finally, treat people with respect and kindness.

In Summary:

There are two things to consider when putting your trade show displays together. Keep your booths visibly interesting to get people to take a second look. Then, when they get there, keep them engaged in good conversation with lots of information.

By doing both of these things, your trade show experience will be a good source of contacts and bring more customers to your business. And that’s what it is all about!

Courtesy of MBM Shows


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